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Our Services


Intravenous Therapy

IV administration can now be conveniently provided in the comfort of your home, eliminating the necessity for hospital or clinic visits.


Following consultation with your ordering physician, our team can administer a range of IV fluids, vitamins, supplements, and medications.

*Please note that certain restrictions may apply to the administration of medications, vitamins, and supplements at home.


Injections & Vaccines

Our qualified nurses are available to administer routine injections and vaccinations conveniently at your home.

*Please be aware that certain restrictions may apply to the types of injections and vaccinations that can be administered in a home setting.

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Blood Sample Collection

No more lab visits necessary—blood collection can now be conducted in the comfort of your home. We accept most British Columbia and Canadian laboratory requisitions.

Our nurses collect blood samples and ensure they are sent to an accredited BC laboratory for further processing.


Subsequently, the results will be forwarded to the ordering physician.


Speciality Blood Sample Collection

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for a lab to draw your specialty blood collection test kit. We offer blood collection services for specialty labs across North America and Europe.

Our process involves collecting blood samples, processing them, and shipping them in accordance with the instructions provided with the test kit.


Subsequently, the results will be forwarded to the ordering physician.

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Specimen Transport

We offer the convenience of sample pick-up, where stool, urine, and swab specimens are collected from your residence and transported to an accredited laboratory for processing.

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Pre and Post-Operative Care

We offer pre and post-operative care services in the comfort of your home, ensuring a comfortable healing experience. Our services include:

  • Staple removal

  • Drain removal

  • Minor dressings

  • ECGs



Experience the convenience of at-home ECG testing with Nursing in Motion. Our team of skilled nurses will conduct your ECG in the comfort of your own home. Your results will then be securely transmitted to Cardio Technology Network, a trusted British Columbia-based company specializing in ECG interpretation by accredited cardiologists. Within just one business day, you'll receive a comprehensive cardiologist report detailing the findings of your ECG, forwarded directly to your ordering physician.

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